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Ifaty is the name given to two dusty fishing villages on the coast of southwest Madagascar. Offshore, a 60-mile long coral reef is a natural barrier to rough sea waves, creating coastal waters that are ideal for diving, snorkelling and fishing. The desert inland area is known for its spiny forest, where the strange-shaped baobab trees have thrived for centuries. Located in the south-eastern region of Madagascar near the village of Ranomafana.

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Ranomafana National Park


Ranomafana National Park is one of the nation’s most popular parks with the eastern section being the most scenic, with numerous streams splashing through densely forested hills.

The park is home to the endangered golden bamboo lemur, an animal whose diet includes bamboo shoots that contain doses of cyanide that would be lethal to other animals, yet the charming golden lemur feeds on the bamboo with no ill effects.

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