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Zambia is one of two countries caressed by the splendour of Victoria Falls, one of the world’s many natural wonders. Home to the original walking safari, Zambia is usually chosen for more serene encounters with Mother Nature, perfect as an escape from the hustle and bustle of metropolitan life.

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Destinations within Zambia

Kafue National Park

Covering an immaculate area of over 22 000km2, the Kafue National Park still holds many undiscovered secrets, including rare wildlife sightings like leopard, wild dogs and the famed sable antelope.


Close enough to Victoria Falls to be considered the location of the natural wonder, Livingstone is a small town named after the famous missionary explorer: Dr. David Livingstone.

Lower Zambezi National Park

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South Luangwa National Park

Being smaller in size means a more intense and potent wildlife experience when you visit the South Luangwa National Park (aptly named the Valley of the Leopard).

Victoria Falls

Dropping the Zambezi river from great heights, in a splendid display of natural granduer, this natural world wonder attracts thousands of travellers every year. It’s a must-see for every lover of the outdoors.

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Zambia gets hot and humid, so it’s best to travel during the dry season if you want to observe big game (late May to early October).

Ornithologists and bird enthusiasts will prefer visiting during the wetter months when there is plenty of foliage and fruit for birds to feast on.

If you’re visiting the mighty Victoria Falls, the window of time between March and May will reward you with a glorious view of the waterfall at full capacity.

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