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The untamed and untameable stunning beauty. Botswana is one of the last great refuges for Nature’s magnificent pageantry of life. Experience the vast isolation of the astoundingly prolific wildlife of the best kept African secret.

Indian Ocean Islands

Discover the enchanting beauty of the Indian Ocean Islands, where turquoise waters and pristine beaches await your exploration.

Lesotho & The Kingdom of eSwatini

The magical mountain kingdom of Lesotho is one of Africa’s most intriguing and rewarding holiday destinations, thanks to its breathtaking highland vistas, bizarre rock sculptures and unique landscapes which serve as playgrounds for thrillseekers and families wanting to escape for some quality time. Formerly known as Swaziland, the Kingdom of eSwatini might be small but it packs in dynamite value for holidaymakers from around the world. One of few remaining monarchies in Africa, holidays to eSwatini feature rich cultural experiences and outstanding Big Five safari sightings.


Malawi is a landlocked African country, situated in the continent’s southeastern region. Its topography is defined by highlands, split by the Great Rift Valley and the grandeur of Lake Malawi. With a wildlife scene so diverse and a lake so large it feels like a beach in some places, this is an excellent destination if you’re open to all kinds of natural thrills.


With sprawling world class beaches along the Indian ocean, Mozambique is one of Africa’s more tropical holiday destinations. With plenty of island archipelagos, rare marine life and conservation sites and a 250km stretch of coral, Mozambique brings you new kinds of magic with every visit.


A jarring array of landscapes, from barren deserts to sparkling oceanside vistas, Namibia is where people go to marvel at the full power and beauty of Mother Nature. See the rolling dunes of the Namib Desert, stare in wonder at unending skies filled with stars and witness the raw power of the cheetah from the front row seat of a game drive.

South Africa

Spanning across the southernmost tip of Africa, from the continent’s east to west coast, South Africa is home to some of the world’s most iconic heritage sites and safari parks. Enjoy the famous Kruger National Park or escape to any one of our five star private game reserves to witness The Big Five in all their glory. Indulge in award-winning wine tasting experiences or explore the pristine beauty of the Garden Route. This is one country that has it all!


SPECTACULAR Destinations Embark on a journey through diverse landscapes and rich cultures across captivating African countries. From the Sahara to […]


Zambia is one of two countries caressed by the splendour of Victoria Falls, one of the world’s many natural wonders. Home to the original walking safari, Zambia is usually chosen for more serene encounters with Mother Nature, perfect as an escape from the hustle and bustle of metropolitan life.


Known for its dramatic landscape, diverse wildlife and for being one of two countries caressed by the grace of Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe offers an adventure unlike any other. Enjoy white-water rafting, bunjee jumping, big game sightings and bird watching. Hike the extraordinary rock formations and soak in the rich diversity and history of these ancient lands.


Rich heritage and diverse culture

Home to many of the world’s oldest civilisations, rich in history, and overflowing with some of the most diverse cultural collections, Africa is the perfect escape for people from all around the world.

It’s that break from those same four walls, that “something different” or “something special” you’ve always wanted to share with your loved ones. Africa is where people explore themselves as much as they do the open landscapes.

With everything from wide savannah and grasslands, to rocky mountain slopes, unending desertscapes and moonlit tropical beaches, Africa has it all to offer to the modern adventurer or the hardworking business person who needs that meaningful break.



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